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Service and Parts Department
Service: (888) 622-6699
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Time for Service?
Lexus Service that's Second to None!

Our Service Department staff is passionate about caring for the best vehicles in the world, and committed to keeping your Lexus in top performing condition. Our factory-trained technicians have years of experience and will get you and your Lexus back on the road as soon as possible.

Your new vehicle limited warranty requires that you perform the scheduled maintenance at the times or mileages shown in your operators manual. If you do not do so, and your vehicle fails as a result of your failure to maintain your vehicle properly, repairs of the failure may not be covered under your warranty.

Please click on our Virtual Service Drive link below.  It includes the following:

  • Description of services performed during scheduled maintenance intervals
  • 'Preferred' recommendations, tailored to the mileage and age of your Lexus
  • Additional miscellaneous services to consider

Service Maintenance Schedule




Lexus Roadside Assistance App

The complimentary Lexus Roadside Assistance app is designed to give Lexus owners an added level of safety while on the road. The app uses your smartphone's GPS to pinpoint your location and also makes it easy to initiate a call with Lexus Roadside Assistance. Once connected, an operator can then use your coordinates to quickly and accurately dispatch a Roadside Assistance vehicle. Download this app now, and drive with an extra degree of confidence.

Lexus Tire Center

No one knows how to care for your Lexus better than the experts at your dealership. Lexus trained and certified technicians know your vehicle inside and out. When it comes to parts, including tires, your dealership understands that the right components provide superb performance and handling for the highest quality standards. Trust them to have the right tires when you need them.